Walter Leonard


Deliver an amazing photography experience to each and every client by creating artful images that suspend time and allude to memories that last far beyond the fleeting moment.

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Always do what is right. Reflect confidence but remain humble. Have compassion for others. Respond to each person’s individual needs. Be the standard that all others strive to achieve.

As a professional photographer and art director for over thirty years, I have learned that with each passing year I grow as an artist and my work continues to evolve. Nothing great comes easily, quickly, or without hard work and sweat equity. Paying one’s dues pays off, because with experience comes knowledge. Combining what I have learned with my distinctive vision has helped mold me into the artist I am today. With success comes a certain responsibility. It is my duty to be a community leader, set an example among my peers and give back to this community I serve. I do so by appreciating each day I am able to pick up a camera, committing to continual growth as an artist and vowing to never become complacent or arrogant. Finally, I have learned that encountering and overcoming obstacles is part of the process and that growing from the experience and moving forward makes me better as a person and artist.